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Transform your day with a great night’s sleep

Sleep and lifestyle brand Hush Home is on a mission to transform your well-being through healthy sleep. Getting quality sleep has been scientifically proven to be an essential element in making your body and mind healthier, so we’ve teamed up with sleep and lifestyle brand Hush Home and their wellness experts to transform your well-being through healthy sleep. 


Optimizing your sleep environment

1.    Keep it dim and dark
Tip: An hour before you go to bed, dim all the lights in your bedroom and draw your curtains. As you prepare for bed, turn off the television, close your laptop, and put down your phone to minimize blue light from your screen. 

Why: Artificial light can trick your body into thinking it’s day time and suppress the production of the hormone melatonin, whose role is to induce drowsiness and help you fall asleep and stay in deep sleep. 

2.    Keep your bedroom temperature cool
Tip: Keep the temperature of your bedroom between 18-20 degree celsius for optimal sleep. If it’s summer, remember to turn on the aircon!

Why: When it's time to sleep, your body naturally decreases its core temperature. Therefore, if your room temperature is cooler, it will facilitate the process of falling asleep. Also, a rise in body temperature can affect the quality of deep sleep. 

3.    Sleep on supportive and breathable sleep products
Tip: Choose a mattress that is supportive, but not too firm, and pillows and bedding that are breathable. 

Why: Mattresses that are too hard can affect your sleep posture and the natural curvature of your spine. Although it’s not intuitive, a too-firm mattress will provide less support for your body than a just-right mattress. Choose a mattress that has adaptive support and also enough plushness to protect your joints so that you don’t suffer from any pressure points. We also suggest choosing products that are designed to be breathable so that your sleep doesn’t get interrupted by a rise in environmental temperature. 

Preparing your evening for a good night’s rest


1.    Relax your mind and body
Tip: Practice a short meditation before going to bed to help slow down your breath and relax your mind. Alternatively, do some simple stretches to unwind your body and slow down your pace. 

Why: A relaxed mind and body can help reduce cortisol levels, which facilitates healthy melatonin production leading to better and deeper sleep.

2.    Clear your thoughts
Tip: If your mind is always racing with thoughts even when your head is on the pillow, take a few minutes to write down your thoughts, to-do list, and anything that you are thinking about. We also recommend picking out tomorrow’s outfit!

Why: Often your racing thoughts at night are a preview of your next day. Writing down those thoughts (and even doing something as simple as picking out your clothes the next day) will make you feel assured that your next day is prepared, decrease your stress, and subtly nudge you closer to sweet dreams. 

3.    Take a hot bath
Tip: Take a hot bath before bed to relax your tense muscles and train your mind that it’s time to go to bed. 

Why: As we mentioned earlier, your body needs to lower your core body temperature when it’s time to go to bed. The hot water in your bath will draw warmth to your skin thereby lowering your core body temperature to help your body prepare for bed.

Follow this 5-minute night time stretch for relaxation

Day-to-day tips for having better sleep

1.    Change your eating habits
Tip: Eating healthier is not just for your body and weight, but can also help with better quality sleep. If you’re someone who needs caffeine, try to consume your caffeinated drink before 2pm!

Why: Your diet and your gut health have a big impact on melatonin regulation, which affects your sleep-wake times, so make sure you're putting the right things into your body. If you need a late night snack or drink, you can consider hot milk or kiwi because they are rich in melatonin.

2.    Wake up at the same time
Tip: Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (even on the weekends!)

Why: Creating a regular and healthy sleep/wake schedule can help regulate your circadian rhythm so that you are energetic and awake when you need to be and sleepy at the right time!

3.    Get at much sun as possible during the day 
Tip: Open up all your blinds in the morning so that your body can soak in all the sun 

Why: Light rays are  the most important environmental cue for setting your body’s circadian rhythm. Letting your body know when it is day time, and therefore when it is night time, will trigger the right mechanisms in your body’s internal clock at the right time.

Known for designing the guest room sleep experience for 5-star hotels, Hush Home uses up-to-date science to offer deeper, more comfortable rest. Hush Home’s perfectly-balanced mattress, pillows, and bedding are sustainably made from the highest quality materials by the same workshops that supply the world’s leading hotels. Their most recent projects are Dusit Thani and Kai Suites. Now you can bring luxurious comfort into your own bedroom.

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Designing the guest room sleep experience for 5-star hotels

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