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Turn your bedroom into a 5 star hotel room

Do you feel that you get deeper and longer sleep when you’re in a hotel room? While most may agree that you’re probably more relaxed and able to rest longer on your vacations when you’re away from the routine stresses of life, it's actually more than that! The Hush Home team, who designs amazing sleep experiences for their hotel partners and for those who want to recreate the luxury hotel experience at home, told us a little bit more about why hotel beds feel just that much better!

So, why do you sleep better in a hotel room?

Not only does the relaxed ambience help, but the sleep products play a huge role. You slept better on your last vacation in a hotel room because you got:

1.    A “hotel” mattress
The mattress featured at a hotel has significantly higher build quality than the mattress sold in an average store. Most hotels custom-made their mattresses which makes them not too soft or too firm, but the perfect firmness for your comfort and spinal support.

2.    The right temperature
More than often, you’d see the down or down alternative duvet tucked in and around your bed. This creates a fluffy appearance, and provides the temperature regulation that is vital to your sleep experience. Hotel rooms are also often kept at the optimum temperature of 18°C because a cooler room induces sleepiness. So, with a cooler temperature and consistent temperature regulation under the covers, you’ll drift off easily.

3.    The right light
There are different light settings in hotels: bright enough for you to work and also cozy enough to relax. Nevertheless, lights in a hotel room are usually dimmer and there’s a reason for that: limiting the amount of light in the room an hour before sleeping is important because darkness induces the production and release of melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone, so that your body is cued to fall asleep faster when you close your eyes.


A case study of luxury comfort

Hush Home designs for each hotel property in a unique way. For example, they design a sleep experience that is tailored to the preferences of the hotel’s key clientele for best sleep and utmost comfort and to the missions and values of each hotel property.

Osaka Hinode Hotel is a very popular hotel catered specifically for Hong Kong guests. Hush Home understands that the Hong Kong market prefers a firmer surface. Therefore, designed a mattress and a pillow that has the specific right amount of support that can fulfill what 95% of the Hong Kong market likes.

Their innovative design, luxurious materials, and premium build quality make the mattresses suitable for the Hong Kong market. “I can’t count the number of times guests will come to the lobby asking about the pillows and mattress. They love them. Guests can bring luxury sleep into their own bedroom,” says Asae Miyu, Front Desk Manager of Osaka Hinode Hotel.

The good news is that you can have the same luxury experience at home as you would get in a hotel, yet better, at a price that you’ll love! Check out the Hush Home Collection.

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Turn your bedroom into a 5 star hotel room

Hush Home is always asked by the customers how else to make their bedroom more like a hotel room, besides upgrading their mattress and pillows. Here are some tips:

1.    Keep it white
White beddings and textiles are common in hotels because it has been found that white beddings led to a better night’s sleep compared to other colors. White is also easier to look after as the color doesn’t fade and a little environmentally-friendly cleanser will do the magic.

2.    Stick to pure cotton
Quality sheets made of long staple cotton, the best cotton in the market, give you the benefit of lightness, comfort, and temperature regulation that superior threads can give. A 400 thread count will do! Anything above 400 would make the sheets dense, heavy, and too warm to sleep under.

3.    One pillow, two pillows, and more pillows
Use at least 4 pillows: two softer down-filled (or down alternative) and two firmer fiber and foam filled pillows. This allows appropriate support for your neck and at the same time, allows you to choose a combination of pillows that best suit you. For instance, keeping a pillow between your legs for side sleepers, or underneath your knees for back sleepers. It adds comfort, keeps your spine in alignment, and reduces muscle tension on your legs.

4.    Get a bed frame
Letting your mattress sit on a platform instead of the floor prevents your mattress from molding, especially in Hong Kong’s humid weather. If you have the space centering the bed frame in your bedroom, then don’t put it against the wall. It’s not necessarily against Feng Shui, and it will make you more comfortable as you fall asleep.

5.    Keep it simple
Ever noticed that the bedside tables in a hotel room seem small and empty? There’s a reason for that. Clutters are a source of stress because our brain interprets clutters as jobs to be done on a conscious and subconscious level, which makes it difficult for our brains to relax and fall asleep.